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The Greenhouse guidelines

Post by The Greenhouse » May 27, 2008, 3:12 pm

The Greenhouse guidelines

As a member of the Greenhouse, you should follow these key guidelines:

* you should not post content that could be considered libel by another person or that is inaccurate or misleading. If you are not sure something is libelous, the safest thing to do is make sure that the facts of a story have been published elsewhere eg in a newspaper or on a news site;

* debate is, of course, encouraged at The Greenhouse. However, members should refrain from "going over the top" and from being abusive of others. You should not bully other posters;

* you should not use inappropriate images or language (eg swearing); images or language which are intolerant of others (eg racial or other slurs); images or language that are excessively vulgar, obscene or sexually oriented; or promoting illegal activity;

* we have filters for inappropriate language - please don't attempt to avoid them;

* you should not post the contents of private messages (PMs) on the open forum, unless both the sender and the receiver of the messages agree in advance;

* if you are quoting from a story from another website... please quote your source with a relevant link to the site URL or the story URL. This ensures the site is carrying legitimate news stories. Please do not reproduce the entirety of news stories;

* we don't encourage "poll hijacking" at other websites... by all means draw attention to a poll at another website if you wish, but posts suggesting that it be "hijacked" will be deleted;

* if you are quoting another member's post, you should not alter the original wording (though you may shorten to focus on the particular words you wish to quote);

* if you are quoting a post from The Greenhouse (other than your own) and including it at another site, please explicitly refer to "The Greenhouse" as the source and include the relevant Greenhouse URL link. Posts from The Greenhouse should not be quoted and reproduced at sites which do not permit the reference and link. This applies to all members and guests of the GH;

* explicit commercial advertising content and site links, for example, in signatures or signature banners, are only permitted with permission of the Administrators;

* you must follow the requests of the Administrators and Moderators. They are all just normal Raiders fans like yourselves, and are not paid for their efforts;

* the Administration reserves the right to edit any material for any reason, including where it may be misleading or offensive;

* the Administration reserves the right to delete posts or lock threads where necessary for the effective operation of the forum or suspend or ban members on the rare occasions when the above guidelines are significantly or repeatedly breached. Only the Administrators can make the decision to suspend or ban members and will seek to consult the Administration/Moderator Group before a suspension or banning. Spamming may result in instant banning and deletion of membership accounts and posts by the Administrators;

* please dont' operate as a "forum cop" - that is, make demands that this or that post or thread should be deleted or instruct the Moderators and Administrators on how to do their jobs. The Administrators and Moderators are there to help run the GH forum. Only the Administrators and Moderators have the call on what should be permitted in debate and whether posts should be deleted or threads locked;

* if you have a complaint or question about the moderation of the site, send a private message to one of the Administrators or Moderators. Their names are colour coded in green and blue, respectively. There are a range of Administrators and Moderators, so you have a wide choice of people to send your question or complaint to. It is a condition of use that you do not make posts questioning or complaining about the moderation of the site;

* posting on behalf of banned members or posting under another account while banned is not permitted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Greenhouse guidelines are not designed to cover everything. The site may act - issue a warning, ban your account(s) and/or IP addresses, delete/edit your post(s)/thread(s), etc. - if, in the judgement of the Administrators, you undertake any conduct that is:

* deemed that is counterproductive to the forum community; or

* in violation of any additional policies or requests posted in the forum.
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